Is Your AC Leaking Water?

furnace leak

Sure, your AC could be crying from being over worked, but if your AC is leaking water it’s more likely that something is wrong.  Our guide will help you discover when to call in a professional.

First things first, turn your thermostat to the off position to prevent any further damage.

Now that your system is off, let’s investigate what the problem might be. For your convenience, we’re going to put these problems into two categories:

  • Problems you can fix
  • Problems a professional needs to fix

Well let’s start with the easy fixes and move on from there.

Problems you can fix

1. Dirty Air Filter

How can a dirty air filter be the cause of water all over your floor you ask? Well it’s because a dirty air filter blocks the flow of air through your system causing ice to form on your evaporator coil. When this ice block melts, it causes your drain pan to overflow and drip water through your furnace and onto your floor.

Check out your air filter. If your filter looks more like a quilt, it’s time for a new one. Normal 1″ filters need to be checked every month and we recommend changing them every 2-3 if not sooner. The filters we install with almost every new system only need to be changed once every year, but we still recommend looking at them every few months.

2. Clogged Condensate Line

A clogged drain line is the most common cause of water leakage. Occasionally, dust and debris will build up in the drain pan, flow down into your drain line, and start a blockage. As your air conditioner runs, water will build up in the line and back up into the drain pan causing it to overflow and leak out.

You can try to clean it out with a wet/dry vac but the best thing to do would be to call a professional. We have special tools that are able to run high pressure through the line, removing the clog.

Problems for a Professional

1. Disconnected/Broken Condensate Line

If installed properly, your drain line should never become disconnected and should be run in such a way that it will not be kicked and broken. If this does happen, call a professional. They will know the correct type of pipe and glue along with the correct angles and traps to use to make the repair without leaks.

2. Broken Condensate Pump

If you do not have a drain near your furnace, you likely have a condensate pump attached to your system. This pump will move water greater distances when no drain is accessible nearby. When installed properly, a condensate pump will shut down your unit so your home does not become flooded.

3. Dirty Indoor Coil

If your air filter was very dirty or you don’t have a filter, the indoor coil is likely filthy. This causes a blockage just like a dirty air filter, but is much harder to clean. A trained professional will use chemicals to eat away any debris caught in your coil.

4. Lack of Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels will cause your AC indoor coil to freeze over, similar to a dirty filter. When the ice melts, it causes your drain pan to overflow and leak.

If you can hear bubbling or hissing, it may point to a refrigerant leak.

Your AC system is sealed, so if you are low on refrigerant it is most likely from a leak. The leak may be severe and the technician on hand may recommend upgrading your system as this may be the most economical solution.

Need an AC repair professional who is trustworthy in the Northfield, Ohio area?

Schedule with Jackson Comfort. We’ll get you fixed up fast, with a guaranteed repair!

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