How Much Does A Boiler Repair Cost In The Northfield Area?


A boiler repair typically costs anywhere from $200 – $1,000+ in Northfield, with the average cost being around $500.

The price range depends on a couple different factors:

1.       What’s wrong with the boiler

2.       Will the repair be covered under warranty

Cost factor #1: What’s wrong with the boiler

Just like any piece of equipment, boilers can and will eventually breakdown (especially due to lack of annual maintenance). However, some repairs are far more costly than others.

Here’s a few common boiler repairs we see all the time:

  • Faulty circulator pump: A circulator pump is like the heart of your boiler system. It pumps hot water from your boiler through the pipes in your home to your radiators. If the circulator pump breaks or is in the process of failing, you will get very little to no heat throughout your home. The typical cost to repair a circulator pump is $400 to $800+, depending on the make and model of the pump.
  • Broken ignitor: Just like gas furnaces, gas and oil boilers are lit with an ignitor. If it goes bad, your boiler will not light and you will not get any heat in your home. Usually, ignitors are fairly cheap and will usually cost the homeowner $125 – $250 to replace.
  • Flushing your system: As boilers age, sediment can build up inside the pipes from minerals that naturally occur in the water supply. Sediment can cause flow issues, overheating, and cause irreparable damage to the boilers heat exchanger. To have a professional flush your system and clean sediment buildup is usually around $200 – $500+, depending on the size of the system and the amount of zones you have.
  • Stopping leaks: Occasionally leaks can develop overtime which can cause your boiler to lose efficiency, stop working, or cause a flood in your home. If you see a leak, no matter how small, you’ll want to have it repaired right away before the issue worsens. The cost to repair a leak can vary greatly depending on how severe it is, but usually costs $100 – $400+.
  • Faulty zone valve: Zoning valves are what keep your home at a nice even temperature. When a zoning valve goes bad, you may experience loss of heat in parts of your home or extreme temperatures in others. The cost to repair a zoning valve usually ranges from $350 – $800+.

Cost factor #2: Is the repair covered under warranty?

Boilers typically last 12 -20 years, depending on maintenance history. If yours is covered under a warranty, it will cover most all repairs in the first year, and certain repairs for the first 5 – 10 years depending on the warranty you purchased with your equipment.

Generally, warranties cover repairs related to manufacturing errors and installation errors (depending on the contractor). A warranty can cover two aspects of a repairs:

1. Parts – replacement parts such as the control board, ignitor, or heat exchanger.

2. Labor – cost to replace existing parts with the new ones.

Typically, warranties do not cover repairs caused by improper use of the equipment, lack of maintenance, or acts of God.

Not really sure what your boiler warranty covers? Call the company who installed your system. They should have your warranty information on file. If you are not sure what company installed your boiler, give us a call and we can look up your manufacturer warranty for you (as long as the company who installed it registered your boiler).

Need a boiler repair from an expert in the Northfield, Ohio area?

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