Why You Should Think Twice About DIY Thermostat Installation


In today’s modern world, people crave convenience along with the latest and greatest in technology. So, it’s no surprise that people are flocking towards products and services that not only make their lives more convenient, but their homes more efficient, comfortable, and secure. With features like geofencing, advanced programming, smartphone control, efficiency monitoring, and automatic notifications, Wi-Fi thermostats are just one of the smart products making its way into homes all over Northeast Ohio.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to a smart thermostat, it’s important to consider hiring a professional to install it. If you are among the millions of handy, do it yourselfers, you may scoff at the idea of hiring an HVAC company to do something you’re capable of doing yourself. But before you take the plunge, check out the 5 safeguards you receive when you hire a professional.

1. Avoid HVAC System Malfunction & Repairs

You may consider yourself well versed in electrical systems, but what about HVAC? Thermostats are responsible for communicating with your home’s HVAC system, which means your thermostat and your HVAC system must be compatible. For example, do you know if your existing thermostat utilizes a C-wire? Newer, smart thermostats demand continuous power to operate modern functions such as wi-fi connectivity and backlit screens, so a second wire (C-Wire) is needed to complete the circuit. A wire that older thermostats did not require. Without it, your newly installed thermostat will not communicate properly with your HVAC system, leading to malfunctions and potentially costly repairs.

2. Improper Installations Can Cost You

While initially a DIY project can save you money, it’s also important to consider what it may cost you if things don’t go quite as you had planned. One of the most frequent calls we get after a DIY thermostat installation has gone awry is for an electrical circuit short. In almost every case, not only is there a cost to repairing the circuit but the short is also likely to cause irreputable damage to your newly purchased thermostat.

3. Voided Warranty

A word to the wise – make sure you check the warranty restrictions on both your thermostat as well as your HVAC system. Most if not, all have a clause that states if the product / system wasn’t installed or repaired by a licensed professional it voids all warranty benefits. Manufacturers do this to protect themselves from customer negligence.

4. Sacrifice Thermostat Performance

You upgrade to a smart thermostat to take advantage of its slick performance features. A thermostat that is installed improperly, won’t operate to its full potential.

5. Avoid Serious Injury

It goes without saying that any installation having to do with electrical systems, demands expert knowledge and know-how. Don’t risk electrocution or other serious injuries trying to save a few bucks.

Do things right the first time- Hire a professional

It is possible to install a smart thermostat both safely and affordably. For absolute peace of mind and protection of your investment, contact a licensed and trained HVAC professional for your smart thermostat installation.

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