Leaky Pipes Are No Match For A Water Leak Detector

leaky pipe

The canyons and valleys of our planet are evidence enough that water travels fast and knows no boundaries. The slightest flaw in your pipes will be preyed upon and damage will be done before you even know what’s happening. Ask any insurance agent, or contractor alike, there are not many things as sneaky as a leaky pipe and when evidence of the problem arises it is too late: the damage is done. Water damage wreaks havoc on an average of 40% of homes in the country, far more than anything else. So, if there was a way to detect and prevent leaky pipes, wouldn’t you do it? When minutes can cause a leak to go from an easy clean-up to a costly repair, we, at Jackson Comfort Services, think you should know the instant a problem occurs. A leak and freeze detector is the answer, prepare and prevent those pesky leaks!

8 Signs You May Have Leaky Pipes

1. High Water Bills

A change in your bills without a change in usage is a red flag.

2. Smelly, Musty Odors

Standing water smells foul and if the source is not found it could be a hidden leak.

3. Mold Sightings

Green, brown or black spots in non-shower areas are definitely a sign of a leak.

4. Water Stains on the Ceiling

Even if it’s not below a bathroom; water loves to travel. Before you repaint, call Jackson Comfort for further inspection.

5. Bubbles in the Paint or Wallpaper

When a lot of water (not just shower steam) gets between paint or wallpaper and a wall it separates them. 

6. Damage to the Walls

Drywall is not waterproof and it will become warped when it gets wet, the leak source must be dealt with and the wall replaced before mold sets in.

7. Running Water Meter

Turn off your water and if the meter is still running, you have a leak. 

8. Muddy Areas Outdoors

Leaks can occur outside as well as inside, prevent significant damage by investigating muddy areas.

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