Daikin Fit Is Always The Right Fit

daikin air conditioner

Jackson Comfort Services always wants the best for our customers. That is why we are so selective when it comes to choosing the brand of equipment we install in your home. The Daikin Fit air conditioner is just one of the many products we can always get behind. They stand for reliability, quality and affordability and if you are ready to elevate your comfort for the impending summer heatwave we think Daikin Fit would be a good investment. We put together a short list of features you can expect if you choose to elevate your comfort with Daikin. 

Advanced Inverter Technology

The average air conditioning system cools your home to the desired temperature and then shuts off until the thermostat calls for cool air again.  The constant stop/start process is not only hard on your system but is a major energy waster. The Daikin Fit’s inverter technology allows the system to adjust with the change in temperatures, therefore continuously cooling the air as needed by controlling the speed of the motor within the compressor. The change in motor speed adjusts the temperature, thus maintaining comfort without stopping and starting the system.  What does this mean to you? 

  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • More consistent indoor temperatures
  • Quieter performance
  • Greater efficiency and savings
  • A more comfortable home

Superior Comfort

Your home will no longer feel too hot or too cold, since the inverter system runs continuously and adjusts the compressors speed to meet the demand, it will always maintain a comfortable, even temperature throughout your entire home.

Space Saving Compact Design

With clearance space as little as 4” from the wall, the design has a much smaller footprint than your traditional A/C system. Say goodbye to bulky outdoor units and reclaim your outdoor space.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Higher efficiency means lower electric bills. The inverter compressor’s capacity will vary depending on what your home requires, but you could see a 30% or more energy reduction compared to a standard system. 

Ultra-Quiet Performance

Folks, these things are so quiet. They have the ability to reach sound levels as low as 56 decibels and stay there. Comparatively, a standard system could be as loud as 79 decibels.

Best Warranties in the Game

Daikin brand stands by their high manufacturing standards and ultra-reliable products with some of the best warranties out there. Contact a Jackson Comfort consultant for more details. 

The inverter compressor is at the heart of the Daikin Fit system. They like to compare the energy reduction process to that of a car stopping and starting in the city, versus a car cruising on the highway. Driving on the highway with cruise control is much easier on your car, not to mention your gas mileage! There are many benefits to selecting a Daikin Fit system, and we are happy to be able to provide our customers with their superior quality products.

Contact us today for more information on whether Daikin Fit is the right fit for you. 

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