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Your heat pump, like any other mechanical system, will eventually develop issues that can impede its proper functionality. If it is failing to meet your indoor temperature requirements, you’ll undoubtedly want to call in reinforcements as quickly as possible to restore you and your family’s comfort.  The team of experts at Jackson Comfort Services are trained and certified in heat pump repair.  When you choose us, you’re getting 90+ years of experience and a company that truly cares about our customers and their comfort.

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repaired

Heat pump issues, if caught early, do not always have to result in a complete system breakdown.

There’s a good chance, the issues started small and worsened over time.  If that’s the case you probably saw the signs and just didn’t realize what they were telling you.  If you’re heat pump is headed for failure, it’s always best to identify it sooner than later.  Here a few things you can look out for:

A Gradual Increase in Utility Bills

A malfunctioning system can add hundreds of dollars a year to your utility bills. When your system is struggling to keep up with the comfort demands of your home it works overtime to make up for its inefficiency.  As a result, more energy than usual is used in the process. Fixing the issues behind impended functionality will not only keep your utility bills down but also help reduce your carbon footprint or impact on the environment.

Reduced Comfort

When there’s a defect within your heat pump, chances are you’ll start to experience reduced comfort in your living spaces. It’s because the air is not being evenly distributed, resulting in some rooms feeling cooler or warmer than expected. When the issue cannot be resolved by making minor adjustments on your thermostat, it’s time to call in a professional to take a look. Heat pump repair services can restore the efficiency of your unit and help your family to feel more comfortable in any season.

Ice Build-Up

Ice build-up is never normal and typically means that the unit has either lost refrigerant due to a refrigerant leak or that the coil is dirty and won’t absorb heat as it should. Both of the situations require a call to an HVAC technician for help.

Unusual Noises

Over time you will learn what heat pump noises are common and which are not.  If you hear odd noises coming from the heat pump cabinet, then it’s worth a closer look.  Clicking sounds, for example, can indicate a capacitor is about to fail. Grinding can point to dirt build-up or loss of lubrication between moving parts. Both of these scenarios need attention before they result in a costly repair that potentially could have been avoided.


Some odors coming from your heat pump are completely normal, for example if there’s a burning odor when you first turn it on, it could that there’s dust build-up in the ducts or cabinet that is burning up. This is not a big problem, and as long as the smell is gone after an hour or two. However, if the smell lingers, a part may be broken or damaged and it’s smart to call in a professional to determine the cause.

TeleTech+ Home

During such uncertain times, you should never have to choose between comfort and safety. Our TeleTech+ Home virtual repair service offers peace mind by reducing the amount of time our technicians spend in your home.  Get your repair diagnosed and quoted virtually today! Learn more here.

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Preventative Heat Pump Maintenance

Many homeowners overlook or underestimate the importance of preventive maintenance for their heat pump. A yearly check can not only improve the performance of your heat pump but maximize its life expectancy and reduce the likelihood of costly repairs like the ones listed above.  Find out more about our Jackson Care Membership where all of your heat pump maintenance will be handled by our skilled professionals on an annual basis, providing protection for your system and peace of mind for you!

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