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When your water softener loses water pressure, contact Jackson Comfort Services about the scale build-up.

Inside your water softener, scale or sediment build-up occurs over time. What’s needed is unclogging or cleaning the plumbing, brine tank, and control head. As your affordable plumber company in Pepper Pike, Jackson Comfort’s team will inspect for build-up, system size, resin clogs, and any iron build-up inside the resin tank. To speak to one of our friendly Jackson Comfort Services associates, contact us today!

When To Call A Jackson Comfort Plumber For Help

  • Cracked Water Lines
    Our plumber will provide a permanent repair or replacement solution for leaking or broken pipes. Should a pipe burst, turn off the water supply and call us right away.
  • Toilet Clog
    It’s easy for non-dissolvable items to get lodged in the pipes or tree roots to enter through a broken pipe. If the toilet overflows or clogs easily, there is a blockage in the drain line.
  • Slow Drains
    When there’s constant clogging or blockage, a drain can only move slowly to clear. Often it’s freezing pipelines, or a sewer drain line got damaged, or tree root intrusion.
  • Sewer Smells
    In a home, the pipes are part of a drain waste vent system. When a sink trap goes dry or a plumbing vent has a crack, sewer and gas odors will enter the vent system.
  • Discolored Water
    Water from the faucet that looks cloudy, yellow, brown, or green tint is harmful to consume. Those colors are showing a form of decay in or with the plumbing lines.
  • Water Filters
    These filters are part of a filtration system. When a filter becomes faulty or breaks, our plumber will inspect and make repairs, along with checking the water quality.
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Does My Water Softener Need Routine Maintenance?

As with any appliance, your water softener operates more efficiently and extends its lifespan under routine maintenance. With regular servicing, you also lower the chances of unexpected repair costs that a non-maintained unit would have. Below, our Jackson Comfort team has put together a shortlist of needed routine maintenance.

  • Review the water softener’s four settings
  • Inspect for any salt bridges and salt mushing
  • Select the proper salt type, e.g., rock, solar, and evaporated
  • Recharge resin beads with a resin bead cleaner
  • Clean the Venturi valve, brine tank, and resin tank

Should your water softener need replacing, Jackson Comfort Services only installs the highest quality water softener appliances on the market. As your affordable plumber company in Pepper Pike, Ohio, call Jackson Comfort today for an onsite inspection and consultation.

Why Choose Jackson Comfort?

  • Family & Locally, Owned & Operated
    For a whole century, Jackson Comfort has been and will continue to work as family.
  • We Serve As a Team
    We are a team of individuals, but we act as one. When we work as a team, we are strong, we are focused and we are unstoppable.
  • Treating Employees as Valued Family
    Our team is much more than just our staff and the face of the company. It's family delivering quality solutions and making you feel at home, always!
  • Integrity First, Always!
    As an organization and as individuals, we do the right things and never compromise our values. We do not cut corners and we perform every job to the best of our abilities.
  • Can not be more satisfied with the friendly service.

    "The technology used was incredible and made understanding what was going on very easy to read and follow."

    - Brad F.
  • Killer job and a super company.

    "OUTSTANDING work and felt so comfortable with what the did and more importantly what they recommended."

    - Rusty B.
  • Would definitely recommend them.

    "They were very informative and patient with walking us through everything."

    - Melanie D.
  • I would not hesitate to have Jackson Comfort back in our home.

    "Matt H, the service tech was very thorough, his presentation of the issues w/our air conditioner was presented in a way we could understand & then gave us our options."

    - Judi Z.
  • Thank you Jackson Comfort for a great job, as always.

    "Customer service to set up appointment for A/C maintenance was handled courteously and professionally."

    - Wendy S.

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