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Professional Plumber Service in Kent, Ohio

When you no longer have soft water, contact Jackson Comfort Services about a salt bridge build-up.

All water softeners are designed and built to prevent pipes and fixtures from mineral scaling. However, inside the softener scaling forms due to salt inside the unit, causing a salt bridge. When you contact Jackson Comfort’s professional plumber service in Kent, our fully licensed plumber will remove the salt crust and build-up around the tank edges. Before your appliance needs emergency service, contact Jackson Comfort Services for an onsite water softener inspection.

Top 6 Jackson Comfort Plumber Repairs

  • Broken Water Pipes
    A plumber will provide a permanent repair or replacement solution for leaking or broken pipes. Should a pipe burst, turn off the water supply and call us right away.
  • Failed Water Heaters
    These units have a pilot, thermostat, and thermocouple and contain high toxic gas levels. Should any of these features malfunction, you can expect a gas leak.
  • Deep Drain Clogs
    Cleaning and clearing a drain system are common surface plumbing repairs. If the clog is deep, there is a severe blockage, and a snake or auger is used.
  • Faulty Water Filters
    These filters are commonly found on filtration systems. When a filter becomes faulty or breaks, our plumber will inspect, repair, and check the water quality.
  • Broken Garbage Disposals
    Broken parts, clogs, and malfunctions are common problems for these devices. If not repairable, the unit is removed and replaced.
  • Falling Water Pressure
    When the pressure drops, there is either a clog, leak, or pipe breakage somewhere in the plumbing system. That requires the plumber to inspect and repair.
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What Type Of Salt Can I Use In My Water Softener?

The type of salt for a water softener is essential for the best results. Water softeners can use three types of salts with three different purity levels. However, recommendations will vary. The salt types are blocks, crystals, and pellets. The purity levels are evaporated salt, rock salt, and solar salt. Before you select the type of salt Jackson Comfort team has provided some information for you to review:

Salt Types

  • Blocks come in solar salt or evaporated salt purity, and the least recommended
  • Crystal is more commonly found in rock salt or solar salt purity levels and leaves residue
  • Pellets are highly recommended and found in solar salt or evaporated salt purity

Purity Levels

  • Evaporated Salt has the highest purity, dissolves easily in water, with no residue
  • Rock salt has the lowest grade quality, has impurities, and dissolves poorly
  • Solar Salt has high purity but struggles in high water hardness levels

When you need help with salt or replacing your water softener, Jackson Comfort Services only installs the highest quality water softener appliances on the market. When searching for professional plumber service in Kent, Ohio, call Jackson Comfort today (330) 525-8558 for assistance.

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  • Jordan and Max were great installers.

    "Jackson Comfort handled all the warranty registration and promptly responded with all info we needed or requested throughout the whole process."

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    "Jerry serviced and repaired our furnace. He was extremely professional and thorough."

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  • It was great working with both of them and I highly recommend!!

    "Jake was very knowledgeable and nice and Keith was very informative and kind! Both did a great job of explaining everything to me since I am a first time home owner and have no idea what I’m doing and helped me so much."

    - Kelsey O.

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