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Has the water softener stopped regenerating? 

A water softening system failing to regenerate requires immediate professional help. For any timer damage, drain hose restriction, or motor failure, turn to a trusted plumber company in Orange. Our licensed and insured plumbers will thoroughly inspect the water softening appliance for defects. Whatever plumbing or softener issue you’re experiencing, Jackson Comfort Services is ready to assist day or night. With over 2,000 five-star reviews, speak to one of our friendly plumbing associates about your water softener issues.

6 Plumbing Issues That Require An Experienced Plumber

  • Clogged Toilet
    A blocked drain line causes a toilet to clog and back up into the bathroom. Items commonly stuck in the pipes are feminine hygiene products and too much toilet paper.
  • Sewer Smells
    Gas smells or sewage odors typically find their way into a home due to hidden plumbing problems. Often a sink gets rarely used, a disconnected pipe, or a dried-out P-trap.
  • Moldy Drains
    Organic materials are one of the leading causes of a bacterial, stagnant water environment. Items causing moldy drains are typically soap scum, hair, and grease build-up.
  • Bugs & Rodents
    A severely damaged drain system will attract moisture-loving bugs. If you have a broken pipe, it allows easy access for rodents to enter a building.
  • Drain Sounds
    Sewer clogs are known for having odd sounds coming from the drain system. Those noises may sound like air bubbles or gurgling noises often found in the toilet.
  • Sinks Drain Slowly
    When more than one sink starts draining slowly, there is usually a severe clog somewhere in the plumbing system. The best option is to have a plumber inspect the lines.
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For nearly 100 years, we’ve sustained a company mission rooted in providing 100% customer satisfaction. Made possible by employing the best people, investing in the most advanced technologies, and staying true to who we are at the very core – a company that always does the right thing, even when no one is watching. We take great pride in treating our staff like family. Come grow us!

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Questions To Ask Before Replacing A Water Heater?

There are numerous reasons and signs your water heater needs replacing. For instance, a heating element was corroded. However, annual maintenance was skipped causing hot water issues. To help avoid this or any water heating frustrations, our water heating team wants you to ask these questions about your heater system.

  • How old is my water heater, and when was it installed?
  • Does it take a long time to get hot water from the faucet?
  • Do I see any corrosion, sediment buildup, or rust on the tank?
  • How often am I finding water puddles under the appliance?
  • Do I have a tank or tankless water heating unit?
  • Is my water heater warranty still valid?

Contact Jackson Comfort Services, your trusted plumber company in Orange, Ohio, when it’s time to replace your water heater.

Why Choose Jackson Comfort?

  • Family & Locally, Owned & Operated
    For a whole century, Jackson Comfort has been and will continue to work as family.
  • We Serve As a Team
    We are a team of individuals, but we act as one. When we work as a team, we are strong, we are focused and we are unstoppable.
  • Treating Employees as Valued Family
    Our team is much more than just our staff and the face of the company. It's family delivering quality solutions and making you feel at home, always!
  • Integrity First, Always!
    As an organization and as individuals, we do the right things and never compromise our values. We do not cut corners and we perform every job to the best of our abilities.
  • I will use and recommend Jackson Comfort in the future!

    "I used Jackson Comfort services today and was very pleased with their services."

    - Satisfied Customer
  • It was great working with both of them and I highly recommend!!

    "Jake was very knowledgeable and nice and Keith was very informative and kind! Both did a great job of explaining everything to me since I am a first time home owner and have no idea what I’m doing and helped me so much."

    - Kelsey O.
  • Professional, On Time, Did Excellent Work.

    "Jackson Comfort Systems installed our old furnace 28 years ago and we have been pleased with the quality and service we have received from them."

    - Jean D.
  • Would definitely recommend them.

    "They were very informative and patient with walking us through everything."

    - Melanie D.
  • The AC was up and running quickly!

    "The associate was friendly and thorough. Knowledgeable and took the time to answer my questions."

    - Char W.

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