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Trusted Plumber in Bainbridge, Ohio

When you have a leaky faucet, contact Jackson Comfort Services to stop the dripping.

Leaky faucets often go unnoticed at first. Not fixed, that occasional drip eventually becomes non-stop dribbles that an O-ring replacement might have solved. Before it gets worse and turns into a loose or broken part, our Jackson Comfort team of trusted plumbers in Bainbridge, Ohio, can quickly inspect and resolve your plumbing problems. With over 2,000 five-star online reviews from satisfied customers, Jackson Comfort Services is ready to assist you 24-hours a day. You don’t need to go another day living with a leaky, dripping faucet.

6 Causes Of A Leaky Faucet

  • Loose O-Ring
    When a sink handle leaks, turn the water off and inspect the O-Ring that’s connected to the cartridge. It is the small disc attached to the stem screw.
  • Old Cartridge
    Over time a faucet’s cartridge becomes old and worn out. These parts, once they begin leaking, must be removed and replaced with a matching cartridge part.
  • Old Washers
    On compression faucets, the washer rests against the valve seat. With age and friction between the two parts, the washer wears out or initially got installed incorrectly.
  • Old Seals
    Water sediments will build up over time, causing a spout or spigot to leak. The inlet and outlet seals will erode from the access residue, and heavy deposits get left behind.
  • Bad Valve Seat
    Finding a leak at the spout could indicate a bad or corroded valve seat. When water sediments build up, it erodes the valve seat, which in turn causes the part to leak.
  • Loose or Broken Parts
    The faucet will have an adjusting ring and packing nuts that loosen over time, causing a leak. But, if the leak is under the sink, there may be a broken fitting or pipe.
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Do I Need A Water Softener?

When deciding if you need a water softener, there is a simple test you can do. Have your water professionally tested to uncover its hardness. Should the results show your water is too hard, it’s time to consider having a water softener installed. That’s where Jackson Comfort Services can step in to help you. Besides the test, other methods can help you make a more informed decision such as:

  • Are you finding water stains on bathtubs, sinks, and toilets?
  • Is there scale build-up on cookware and utensils?
  • Have your clothes turned gray or faded over time from washing?
  • Is your scalp itchy, and does your skin feel dry and flakey?
  • Have you checked local municipal water systems about their water hardness?

Contact us when the test results or other observations prove it’s time to install a water softener. Jackson Comfort Services installs the highest quality water softening equipment. As the trusted plumber in Bainbridge, Ohio, call (330) 525-8558 Jackson Comfort today for a worry-free onsite consultation.

Why Choose Jackson Comfort?

  • Family & Locally, Owned & Operated
    For a whole century, Jackson Comfort has been and will continue to work as family.
  • We Serve As a Team
    We are a team of individuals, but we act as one. When we work as a team, we are strong, we are focused and we are unstoppable.
  • Treating Employees as Valued Family
    Our team is much more than just our staff and the face of the company. It's family delivering quality solutions and making you feel at home, always!
  • Integrity First, Always!
    As an organization and as individuals, we do the right things and never compromise our values. We do not cut corners and we perform every job to the best of our abilities.
  • Jackson Comfort is an exceptional local company that provides fast and reputable services.

    "I couldn’t ask for more prompt attention. Thank you!"

    - Jim M.
  • I will never use any other company for my heating/cooling needs!

    "They have always been wonderful to work with, whether it’s been a new install or maintenance of equipment."

    - Rebecca H.
  • I definitely will continue Jackson Comfort service.

    "Good quality, on time, professional and responsive, very friendly, answer all your questions, excellent job!"

    - Richard L.
  • Great experience and will definitely call again!

    "Nathan walked me through what each component was responsible for and how they would increase the life of the unit."

    - Wesley M.
  • They’ll be my first call next time!

    "They earned my trust by repairing the garbage disposal, when in the past I’ve had companies immediately recommend replacement and purchase from their company."

    - Kristen S,

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