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At Jackson Comfort Systems we are passionate about properly maintained and well-functioning plumbing systems.

We know that you have plenty of other things in your day to think about and, we want to make sure that your plumbing system isn’t one of them.  Any homeowner who’s dealt with a clogged drain already knows that it’s a total pain. That’s why Jackson Comfort Services provides Akron and surrounding areas with drain cleaning services designed to eliminate even the toughest clogs. We use the latest tools and cutting-edge technologies to identify drain issues fast and deliver affordable solutions that you can trust.

Common Causes of Drain Clogs

  • Hair
  • Dirt & Debris
  • Soap, Detergent & Shampoo Buildup
  • Grease Buildup
  • Sewage Backup

5 Signs You Have a Drain Problem

  • Standing or slow draining water in sink & shower
  • Your drains make gurgling or bubbling sounds
  • Foul odors coming from your drains
  • You experience frequent clogs
  • Bubbling in the toilet when not in use
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Tips for Unclogging a Drain

No matter how careful you are about preventing them, drain clogs occur every now and then for most people. While severe clogs may require a plumber's expertise, some of the more minor clogs can be fixed with common DIY solutions. Here’s a few things you can try before you call our experts.

  • Avoid Chemicals
    Off the shelf, chemical drain cleaners may be somewhat effective at clearing minor clogs but it could be at significant cost.  Avoid the use of these harsh chemicals that will erode your pipes, leading to long-term damage.  It’s also important not to mix chemicals or drain cleaners at they could cause a dangerous reaction.
  • Boiling Water
    The simplest solution is slowly pouring boiling water down the drain, stopping every 5 or so seconds to see if the water is draining any faster.
  • Home Remedy
    If you’re looking for a safe, home remedy solution you can try pouring 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain followed by 1/2 cup vinegar.  The fizzing action will work to loosen up the gunk, hair and grime that has built-up.  Let it sit for at least an hour and then flush with boiling hot water.
  • Invest in a Disposable Drain Cleaning Tool
    You can utilize a drain cleaning tool, also referred to as a hair grabber or drain snake, found at most big box home improvement stores.  You slide the tool down into the drain, and its small prongs grab hair and debris that is caught in the drain as you pull it out.
  • Plunging
    Most people associate plungers with toilets, but did you know they also make one for sinks and showers?  For proper suction, make sure you use a plunger that is sized for your drain.

How to Prevent Clogs in Your Drains

  • Avoid putting any oils, fats, or grease down your drains. Dispose of these items safely and properly in the trash.
  • Use your garbage disposal sparingly, even the disposal can leave behind residue and broken-down food that can cause a drain to clog.
  • Flush only toilet paper
  • Use a hair trap in your bath / shower to keep hair and other debris from going down the drain.
  • Clean drains regularly by flushing them with baking soda and vinegar a few times a year.

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