Best Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair in Akron & Northeast Ohio

Your garbage disposal is one of those much-used, yet little-appreciated appliances in the kitchen.

As a result, it’s maintenance and care is often overlooked.   It goes without saying that a broken or malfunctioning garbage disposal can create quite a mess. For that reason, the plumbing professionals at Jackson Comfort Services are dedicated to providing the best garbage disposal installation and repair services.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Your garbage disposal works hard every day shredding leftover food waste. It’s easy to take its convenience for granted. So when it stops working properly, the change in your kitchen becomes quickly apparent—your drain may become blocked and your trash can may have a slightly stronger odor. Luckily, the trained and certified plumbers at Jackson Comfort Services are here for all of your garbage disposal repair services.  Common garbage disposal repairs include:

  • Blockages
  • Leaks
  • Won’t Turn On
  • Humming Noises
  • Lack of Drainage
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Tips to Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

The best way to make sure your garbage disposal works properly at all times is to take steps to stop problems from occurring in the first place. Almost all garbage disposal problems are avoidable, provided you follow these important guidelines:

  • Avoid Large Garbage
    If you have to stuff it down the drain, you should avoid putting it there in the first place.  If you can, you should always throw larger scraps or garbage in the trash can.
  • Foods to Avoid
    There are a list of foods that you should always avoid putting in the garbage disposal including potato skins, bone fragments, eggshells, banana peels, fats, grease, popcorn kernels, fruit pits, seeds, stringy vegetables like celery, and coffee grounds.
  • Always Run Water
    Running water as your garbage disposal works to get rid of waste will help reduce clogs. It also works to lubricate the motor, bearings and blades. Remember to run for at least 20 seconds after you stop the disposal as well.
  • Grind Ice Cubes
    Running water as your grind up ice cubes can help clean the garbage disposal blades.
  • Grind Orange Peels
    If your disposal has an odor, try putting small citrus or orange peel pieces down the drain and grind while running water.

When is it Time to Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

As appliances age, they all need to be replaced at some point including your garbage disposal.   But when is the right time?  For an appliance that gets used as frequently as a garbage disposal it’s easy to get used to its “quirks” as it gradually declines in efficiency and effectiveness. But if your system is showing the following signs, its best to plan for a replacement.

  • Frequent Clogs
    If there are frequently clogs in your garbage disposal, it could mean that it’s time to replace it, or it could also be a sign that it needs more regular maintenance.
  • Pressing Reset Often
    It’s not unusual to have to push the reset button, especially after a clog or heavy disposal load. But if you notice that you’re resetting more frequently, it could mean a more significant failure is eminent.
  • Dull Blades
    When you notice that food is taking longer to grind or is more difficult to grind the blades are probably no longer sharp enough and a replacement is needed.
  • A Leak
    Some leaks may have a very simple fix, but others can be much more complicated. If you have link in any part of your garbage disposal, the most cost-effective solution may be replacing the unit.
  • Bad Odors
    There’s many ways to clean your garbage disposal and eliminate strong odors, you can grind ice cubes or citrus peels, you can also flush out your garbage disposal by combining baking soda and vinegar. If the odors persist, getting a replacement disposal is the next best option.

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