Faucet Installation & Replacement in Akron, OH

You don’t often realize how much you rely on the faucets in your Akron, OH home until one of them quits working. Unfortunately, once a faucet begins to show signs of wear and tear, it’s usually time to replace it.  Whether the problem is low water pressure or a leak, the plumbers at Jackson Comfort Services are ready to come to the rescue. When you choose us for faucet installation & replacement, you’ll get quality workmanship and products that you can rely on for years to come.

7 Most Common Faucet Problems

By being aware of some of the common issues that affect faucets, you, in turn, can prevent issues. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Rust
    Whenever there’s rust accumulating on the exterior of your faucet, it’s likely on the interior as well. There’s no way to stop the rusting once it has started, so it’s likely you’ll need to replace the fixture before it begins to impact the quality of the water your family consumes.
  • Worn-out O-ring
    An O-Ring keeps the seal on your faucet airtight. If a leak develops near the handle, it likely means that your O-Ring has worn out and needs replaced.
  • Low Water Pressure
    If your faucet has an aerator at the opening, the tiny holes can get clogged with dirt and debris and inhibit the flow of water. Clean out the aerator.  If that does not fix the problem, consult with a plumbing expert to investigate further.
  • Sediment Buildup and Corrosion
    Over time sediment buildup can lead to severe corrosion.  A corroded connection or valve seat are leading contributors to faucet leaks.  Regular cleaning of sediment buildup can help you prolong the life of your fixtures.
  • Broken Seal
    Outlet and inlet seals play a vital part in controlling water flow. Over time, sediment buildup can cause these seals to break down. If you have a leaky faucet, make sure you clean all parts and seals of sediment that has accumulated. If there are any broken or worn out seals, they can often be replaced to restore normal fixture performance.
  • Faucet Noises
    If your faucet is making strange whistling or screaming like noises it may signify a loose or broken washer.  Check your washers, tighten connections, if that doesn’t resolve the issue call an expert to properly diagnose the problem.
  • Faulty Faucet Sprayer
    More modern faucets sometimes come with a retractable spray hose. If the hose begins to leak, or stops functioning all together, take it apart and inspect for possible buildup. Soaking it in vinegar for a few hours can help loosen and remove mineral deposits and lime.  If after reinstallation, the sprayer isn’t working a replacement may be necessary.
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How to Care for Your Faucet

The best way to prevent faucet issues is by making sure they don’t happen in the first place. Faucets are one of the most used fixtures in a home, so it’s only natural for them to experience wear and tear over time. If you want to maximize your faucet’s life expectancy and minimize persistent leaks – it’s critical that you maintain proper care.

  • Dry off your faucets immediately after each use. This protects your finish and helps keep mineral content from building up.
  • Clean your faucets regularly using a soft cloth and warm water mixed with non-abrasive hand or dish soap. Avoid using harsh cleansers and cleaning tools that can cause permanent damage.
  • If your faucet has an aerator, clean it often. Clearing all the dirt, debris and minerals will ensure a steady flow of clean water.
  • The components that make up a faucet like the washers, seat and seals are subject to sediment build-up, especially if you have hard water. Cleaning these parts once a year helps to keep them from corroding.

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There are many reasons to upgrade your bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor fixtures.  Whether they’re worn-out or it’s just time for a change, our professional plumbing team is here to help. We not only have a wide selection of top of the line fixtures to choose from, our plumbers are equally impressive when it comes to installing them.  We offer:

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