Benefits Of a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

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If you frequently suffer from seasonal allergies, you know how uncomfortable you can become. Summers in Northeast Ohio can become humid, triggering common allergens such as mildew, dust mites, and mold. We all know that when it’s muggy outside, it’s muggy inside. Many people live in humid environments, such as a tightly built home or small apartment that has limited ventilation. Rooms such as basements, bathrooms, or attics, are common areas where moisture can build up, leading to increased levels of allergens trapped inside your home. However, the best way to prevent and eliminate humidity thriving allergens is with a dehumidifier.

What is a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier monitors and manages the humidity levels in your home, no matter how humid it is outdoors. By actively managing your humidity, you can prevent moisture build up which stops mold, mildew, and dust mites from growing. Dehumidifiers come in a variety of sizes and features, ranging from whole-home dehumidifiers that are installed as part of your home’s heating and cooling system, to portable dehumidifiers that can be moved room to room. While dehumidifiers can greatly reduce the amount of humidity in your air, it will never make your home too dry, providing your family a healthy, comfortable, environment day in and day out.

Dehumidifier Benefits

All homes, offices and apartments can experience many benefits from a dehumidifier such as:

Reduced Energy Bills

Humidity can affect how warm or cold the air can feel. By actively managing the humidity levels in your home, your indoor temperature will feel more comfortable. Lowering the humidity in the summer on hot days can make it feel less hot, while increasing the humidity on cold days can make it feel warmer, without having to raise or lower the thermostat, thus conserving energy.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

Dehumidifiers prevent moisture build up in areas of your home that have poor ventilation. This makes for a dryer environment making it harder for allergens to live. If you or someone you live with suffers from seasonal allergies or asthma, a dehumidifier would greatly help eliminate or manage their symptoms.

Automatic Humidity Sensing

Dehumidifiers are always testing the humidity within your home and automatically adjusting itself to ensure your home is perfectly comfortable.

Increased Air Ventilation

Dehumidifiers also automatically remove or dilutes polluted air from your home, allowing your family to breathe easier.

Controlled Comfort

Many newer dehumidifiers come with new control options, allowing you to manage your home’s comfort from anywhere. New digital controls are conveniently mounted in your home or you can manage from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

For more information about dehumidifiers or to schedule a consultation, give Jackson Comfort a call. Our experienced team can help you identify your family’s needs and match you with a dehumidifier that is perfect for your home.

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