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Signs Your Northfield, OH Residence Needs Water Well Testing and Prevention Services from Jackson Comfort Services

Even if you think there’s nothing wrong with your Water Well prevention system, there could still be an unseen problem that may worsen over time. Wear and tear from normal use or even from enduring severe weather can cause certain parts of your Water Well prevention system to break down, at which point you will need a Jackson Comfort Services professional to replace your current Water Well prevention device with a new one. There are several signs of a faulty or worn-out Water Well prevention device that you can watch for in your Northfield, OH home, including:

Water Leaks

Frequent water leaks in your Northfield, OH home indicate some kind of failure or malfunction with your Water Well prevention device, which needs to be addressed and repaired as soon as possible. Your Water Well prevention device will wear out over time, and any rubber parts may crack or shift, leading to water leaks. If you do not have Jackson Comfort Services repair your Water Well prevention device, you could be facing long-term plumbing damage.

Unstable Water Pressure

Sudden decreases in your Northfield, OH home’s water pressure indicate that the vacuum a Water Well prevention system relies on is not working properly. This could be caused by a buildup of air pressure in your plumbing system, which means that your water pipes are at a higher risk of bursting. These changes in water pressure could also be due to defects in the opening points of the Water Well preventer valves, or even because a Water Well preventer is clogged with debris or otherwise damaged by debris that tried to pass through. In any case, your Water Well preventer is not working correctly, and your water may be contaminated.

Cloudy or Discolored Water

When a Water Well prevention system breaks down or wears out, it will inevitably lead to your home’s clean water supply becoming contaminated. This can result in dirty water coming out of your Northfield, OH home’s fixtures. If you notice water with a pink, yellow, or brown tint coming out of your taps, or water with rust particles or sediment, you need to contact Jackson Comfort Services immediately for emergency plumbing services. Do not drink any cloudy or discolored water, and always have a Jackson Comfort Services expert inspect your water supply if you suspect it has become contaminated.

Slow Drainage

Slow drains due to minor clogs aren’t an emergency, but when you notice multiple slow drains around your Northfield, OH home, it could indicate that Water Well has entered your clean water supply. This means that your Water Well prevention device may be suffering from a clog or other buildup, or that it needs to be replaced. Since you may already have Water Well in your water supply, you’ll need to contact a plumbing professional, like the team at Jackson Comfort Services, to perform emergency Water Well services.

Bad Tasting Water

If your drinking water starts to develop a bad taste, it can indicate that your water has become contaminated. When a Water Well prevention device stops working properly, it allows for contaminated water to enter your Northfield, OH home’s water supply, which can cause severe illness if consumed. Contact the Jackson Comfort Services professionals immediately for emergency plumbing services, and do not drink the contaminated water from your fixtures.

Foul Odor to Your Water

Your Northfield, OH home’s water should never have a noticeable odor to it, so if your water ever starts to smell bad, it’s a strong indicator that contaminated wastewater has entered your clean water supply. A rotten egg smell in particular indicates that your water has a high sulfur content, which can cause severe illness if consumed. In this case, your Water Well prevention device has most likely broken down, and you’ll need to call the experts at Jackson Comfort Services to either repair or replace the faulty device.

If you notice any of the above signs in your Northfield, OH home, avoid using your water to the best of your ability, as it is likely contaminated. The team of experts at Jackson Comfort Services will be able to identify the problem with your Water Well prevention device, and will then recommend the repairs or replacements that are necessary for your home to enjoy fresh, clean water once again. You can contact the professionals at Jackson Comfort Services by calling (330) 946-6548, or by scheduling an appointment online.

Different Types of Backflow Prevention Devices Jackson Comfort Services Can Install in Your Northfield Home

If you haven’t installed a backflow prevention device in your Northfield home’s plumbing system, you are unnecessarily putting you and your family at risk of health hazards. Luckily, Jackson Comfort Services offers several different types of backflow prevention devices that they can install in your Northfield home. Our experts will advise you on the backflow preventer that is best suited for your home’s unique needs. Some of the backflow prevention devices Jackson Comfort Services offers to install in Northfield homes include:

  • Reduced Pressure Zone Device: A reduced pressure zone device (RPZD) is ideal for Northfield homes with high hazard water contaminants. An RPZD has two check valves and a chamber between the valves to monitor the pressure within your water pipes. They effectively prevent contaminated water from flowing back into your home, ensuring that your potable water supply remains clean and usable.
  • Air Gap: The air gap backflow prevention device is one of the most popular and effective backflow preventers. Air gap preventers have a physical break between the water supply line and the water container. That way, contaminated water will remain in the correct water pipes, and won’t enter fixtures like your sink’s faucets, or your showerhead.
  • Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker: An atmospheric vacuum breaker, also known as a pressure vacuum breaker, is an elbow-shaped device that is typically installed with underground lawn sprinklers. Atmospheric vacuum breakers have an internal valve that prevents backflow, and since they depend on pressure to function, they are installed downstream. That way, the contaminated water will flow downstream and exit the pipes without allowing pressure to build up in your pipes.
  • Dual Check Valves: Dual check valves are often used in residential homes to deter backflow from cross-connections, where the wastewater lines from other Northfield homes meet to be disposed of properly. They do have a limited use, which is why it’s important to consult with a Jackson Comfort Services expert to find out if a dual check valve is right for your Northfield home.
  • Automatic Flood Gate Valve: An automatic flood gate valve depends on air pressure to function properly. They are fully automatic, and work like a floodgate would. Automatic flood gate valves use air pressure to stop dirty or contaminated wastewater from entering your Northfield home’s main water system.

Now that you know more about the different types of backflow prevention devices, you can discuss the best option for your Northfield home with a Jackson Comfort Services professional. They will help you to make an informed decision based on your unique wastewater needs. When you are ready to install a new backflow prevention device, contact the team of plumbing experts at Jackson Comfort Services by calling (330) 946-6548, or by booking an appointment online.

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Do I need a backflow preventer in my Northfield home?

Jackson Comfort Services always recommends installing a backflow prevention device in any Northfield home where clean, incoming water and wastewater have a chance of being cross-connected. This ultimately ends up protecting you and your Northfield home by keeping your drinking, bathing, and cleaning water safe to use. If you do not already have a backflow prevention device installed, call the experts at Jackson Comfort Services.

How often do I need backflow testing in Northfield?

Jackson Comfort Services recommends frequent backflow testing for Northfield homes. Having the professional team of plumbers at Jackson Comfort Services perform regular backflow testing will help them to catch any potential issues with your backflow prevention device before they get worse. The experts at Jackson Comfort Services suggest that Northfield homeowners should schedule annual backflow tests to ensure that their water remains safe and uncontaminated.

What are the benefits of backflow testing for Northfield homes?

Having a Jackson Comfort Services professional conduct a simple backflow test on a regular basis can bring a lot of benefits to your Northfield home. Regular backflow testing from Jackson Comfort Services can prevent huge problems in your plumbing system, expensive repairs, and health hazards. Backflow testing ensures that your clean drinking water is kept separate from the wastewater that has been flushed or drained out of your Northfield home.

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