Relieve Your Pet Allergies At Home


Everyone loves a good rhyme, right? Cheesy lines aside, pet hair and dander are no joke for some people. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, pet allergies are the number one most common allergen related ailment in the country. We love our pets so what’s the answer? You can groom them regularly and vacuum every inch of your home but sometimes the problem is over our heads, well, all around our heads, actually. The air in a pet friendly home will have dander and fur floating about, unfettered, as well as undeterred by our constant vacuuming. We have two simple solutions to relieving your pet allergies at home

If you are reading this it might be safe to assume you have “been there, done that” with most of this first list. If that’s not the case, give these tips a shot to help reduce the amount of pet allergens that make it airborne. 

  1. Limit the area of activity
    • This is a tough one for a lot of people. Our pets are like family and snuggling with them on the couch or in bed is common. Containing them will contain the allergens and help keep the hair and dander under control. Get gates or use training methods to keep them off furniture and close doors to certain rooms to keep the allergens away.
  2. Groom, groom, and groom again
    • Keeping your pet bathed and brushed will help reduce the amount of stray hairs that fall from their coat. Consider scheduling routine grooming appointments to stay on top of it and keep the shedding to a minimum.
  3. Use the proper tools
    • Hardwood and tile floors are best served using a microfiber or an electrostatic dry mop, these will help trap the allergens rather than push them around the room.
    • Carpet requires vacuuming obviously but try going a step further and using a rubber squeegee or even a pet de-shedding tool on the surface to really get into the carpet fibers where allergens might be trapped.
    • Furniture is another hotspot for allergens to reside. Use a damp rubber glove and run your hand along the surface of the furniture. Or consider using a pet cover for easy removal and laundering. 
  4. Try throwing it in the dryer
    • Clothing, blankets and pillow covers can be thrown in the dryer with a dryer ball before washing. This should loosen the fur from the fibers and trap it with the lint.
  5. Use a damp cloth
    • Dry dusting will cause the allergens that have settled to go airborne. A damp cloth will prevent this and pick up the fur and dander easily and effectively.

The reality is, after you’ve cleaned the entire house, vacuumed the floors, wiped down the furniture, washed the counters and tables, bathed and brushed the dog, there is still pet hair and dander in the air! In fact, the broom and vacuum might even be worsening the situation by sending settled dust and allergens circulating around your home. It feels like you are fighting a losing battle here, doesn’t it? Despair no more, as there are ways to keep your your air clean and your sanity intact. 

Install the right filter

Stay on top of your filter changes! If you have a pet, your household filter should be changed out every 60-90 days, and more frequently if you’ve got a heavy shedder. Utilizing a HEPA filter is your best bet as they contain dense filters that disallow even the smallest of particles to pass through.

change filter

Invest in an air purifier

A powerful air cleaner & purifier will attract and trap invisible particles and microscopic allergens as they circulate through your home’s HVAC system. However not all air purifiers are up for the task of minimizing pet hair.  Contact Jackson Comfort or your local HVAC specialist to help you select the right air purification system for your home.

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