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If you’re keeping your HVAC system at a consistent temperature all day and night, then you’re missing out on a huge potential for savings.

The right thermostat can not only ensure comfort, control, and convenience, but it will also maximize your energy savings.  Our home technology solutions for HVAC thermostats make climate control a breeze. Jackson Comfort Services offers you the best in digital thermostat controls for residential and commercial properties.

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Which Thermostat is Right for You?

Just as each and every home is unique, so, too, are the lifestyles and preferences of each homeowner. For homeowners who are always on-the-go or love the latest and greatest in technology trends — a wi-fi enabled control would be the perfect fit to suit their needs. Homeowners who follow a daily routine yet prefer a more traditional thermostat features, may be more interested in a programmable option. Identify which homeowner profile listed below best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Wi-Fi Enabled

  • You love technology
  • You would benefit from having remote access to your HVAC system from your phone
  • Features like geofencing and home/away sensors are appealing
  • You live an on-the-go lifestyle
  • Advanced system metrics such as energy consumption would be useful
  • You’d enjoy the convenience of service reminders, notifications and advanced system diagnostics


  • You want the flexibility of advanced scheduling without all the bells and whistles
  • You like the sleekness of a touch-screen panel without a ton of settings to choose from
  • You want to set and forget
  • Your lifestyle follows a routine


  • You want your home to remain at a consistent temperature day in and out
  • You spend a lot of time at home
  • You like the old-fashioned push-button thermostats over more modern touch-screen controls
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Benefits of Wi-Fi Enabled Controls

  • Remote Access: Manage your home’s comfort, monitor usage and more — from anywhere using a smart device.
  • Smart Integrations: Enjoy the convenience of integrating your thermostat with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT or Cortana.
  • Room Sensors: Prioritize comfort in different rooms at different times – like living areas during the day and in bedrooms at night.
  • Total Comfort Control: Control humidification, dehumidification, or ventilation systems from one central thermostat.
  • Geofencing: Our smart thermostats know when you’re coming and going, no matter your schedule. Save energy when you’re gone and come home to comfort.
  • People Detection: Advanced motion detection knows the difference between someone passing through a room or spending time there.
  • Smart Response / Alerts: Be alerted when it’s time to change your filter, when there’s a system failure or if there’s an out of character temperature swing.
  • Lower Energy Consumption: Maximize your energy efficiency with a smart control that does more to save you money.

Zoning: Room by Room Comfort Control

Used in combination with premium Jackson Comfort equipment, our zoning solutions put heating and cooling where you want it, redirecting airflow to specific areas of your home as needed. Ensuring your temperature stays consistent, from floor to floor and room to room.

how zoning works in a house

How Zoning Works?

Most residential HVAC systems have a single, central thermostat that controls the heated or conditioned air that is evenly distributed throughout an entire house. A zoned system divides your home into multiple zones, each zone has its own thermostat, providing greater temperature control throughout your house.  Zone dampers are installed in the supply ducts that service each of the various zones, so that when the thermostat calls for heat or cooled air – it only does so for the zone that it is located in.  Zoned systems are ideal in the following applications:

  • Unoccupied Areas – If you have areas of your home that remain unoccupied for long periods each day.
  • Hot & Cold Spots – If you experience big temperature fluctuations between rooms or floors in your home.
  • Additions / Renovations – You’re building an addition or are renovating.

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