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When you have a slow drain or strange plumbing odors, contact Jackson Comfort Services.

Strange smells coming from your sink or tub is a good indication that a clog is brewing. Before you know it, water is pooling, and that obstruction needs removed. As the top plumber in Akron, Ohio, our Jackson Comfort plumbing team can quickly inspect, find, and remove the blockage. Call and speak to one of our friendly Jackson Comfort Services team members for fast and friendly service.

6 Benefits of Routine Drain Cleaning

  • No Clogs
    When drains are routinely cleaned, debris, food, waste, or mineral deposits won’t build up. Without any growth or blockage, water flows freely through the plumbing system.
  • No Odors
    If left unchecked, foul odors will form over time in any plumbing or water flow system. Routine drain cleanings eliminate those initial smells and prevent future issues.
  • No Mold
    Standing water comes from a clogged drain, which invites mold, mildew, and harmful bacteria. When the clog is removed quickly, pathogens cannot form and grow.
  • No Overflow
    If a plumbing system is not checked routinely, the pipes accumulate a build-up. Proactive drain cleaning eliminates flooding, overflows, or water backing up into a home.
  • No Noises
    Should water flow stop in the pipes, unusual squeaking and cracking noises are commonly heard in the walls. Cleaning the drains will eliminate these sounds.
  • No Emergencies
    As with any plumbing system calling in a plumber sometimes is necessary. After inspection, had the drains been cleaned routinely, emergencies are avoided.
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For nearly 100 years, we’ve sustained a company mission rooted in providing 100% customer satisfaction. Made possible by employing the best people, investing in the most advanced technologies, and staying true to who we are at the very core – a company that always does the right thing, even when no one is watching. We take great pride in treating our staff like family. Come grow us!

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Is Tank or Tankless Water Heater Right for Me?

Before you decide, there are pros and cons to each appliance. For example, the tankless system takes up less room. Still, it has a high upfront investment when buying and installing the unit. On the other hand, the tank model keeps 50 gallons of water hot around the clock but with a higher water bill. That’s why our Jackson Comfort Services team, top plumber in Akron,  wants you to consider your options carefully. When you call us, ask us the following questions before you decide.

  • What are the advantages of having a tank water heater installed?
  • What are the benefits when buying and installing a tankless water heater?
  • What drawbacks are there with each water heating appliance?
  • Which water heater lasts the longest and needs little to no repairs?
  • Does either model come with factory or in-house warranties?
  • How long does it take to remove and install my new water heater? 

When deciding between a tank or tankless water heating system, Jackson Comfort Services only installs the highest quality water heating equipment on the market. As the top plumber in Akron, Ohio, call Jackson Comfort today (330) 525-8558 for a worry-free onsite consultation.

Why Choose Jackson Comfort?

  • Family & Locally, Owned & Operated
    For a whole century, Jackson Comfort has been and will continue to work as family.
  • We Serve As a Team
    We are a team of individuals, but we act as one. When we work as a team, we are strong, we are focused and we are unstoppable.
  • Treating Employees as Valued Family
    Our team is much more than just our staff and the face of the company. It's family delivering quality solutions and making you feel at home, always!
  • Integrity First, Always!
    As an organization and as individuals, we do the right things and never compromise our values. We do not cut corners and we perform every job to the best of our abilities.
  • Thanks for a job well done.

    "Brendan was absolutely fantastic. He was prompt, courteous, engaging, and a pleasure to have in my home."

    - Nathan W.
  • Excellent and professional service!

    "Our technician was thorough and very helpful in explaining what services he provided."

    - Karen A.
  • Killer job and a super company.

    "OUTSTANDING work and felt so comfortable with what the did and more importantly what they recommended."

    - Rusty B.
  • Now Our AC Is Back to Working Great.

    "Ryan was a great specialist who came out, diagnosed our faulty AC system, and made the necessary repairs."

    - Zachariah A.
  • Hope to work with them again.

    "They were great to work with and Alex did a very good job of explaining everything as the process went along."

    - Cheryl D.

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